Choosing A Builder

Builders are all different, and not all Projects suit all builders.  So whether your project is a full House Refurbishment or a highly specialised Contemporary Glazed Extension, we will aim to suggest a range of builders that we have used in previous projects and feel might suit your specific project needs. It can be a huge risk to simply pick a builder out of The Yellow Pages and then give them responsibility to construct the project into which you will be investing tens, or possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Over the years HollandGreen have worked with many builders in the South West London and Oxford areas.  We have established good working relationships with a number of those that we feel deliver a service that meets both our requirements for a high standard of the finish but also in delivering the level of customer service we would expect our clients to receive.  As such once we have completed the design of your project we will be able to suggest a selection of builders that we feel could be suited to you and your project.


Things you should take into account when choosing a Builder are:

  • Location ‘Are you looking for builder in Oxford or a builder in Surrey’
  • Budget – ‘Are you working on a tight budget or are you aiming for the highest end finish?’
  • Taste – ‘Are you looking or a contemporary build or a traditional build?’
  • Specialists – ‘Is your property listed? Is your extension going to be highly glazed or timber framed?’
  • Green Build – ‘Are you looking for your project to be an Eco-Build?’
  • Timeframe – ‘Will the builder be able to deliver in the timeframe you require?’
  • People Match – ‘Will you and your builder be on the same page throughout the build project?’

At HollandGreen our interest does not end with the design, we want to see the finished build looking as good as the 3D model we designed at the outset. The best way of making sure this happen is by working with builders who have done similar work in the past.


While we can suggest builders that we feel might be right for your project it will ultimately be your choice who you proceed with. As such you must always make sure that you:

  • Speak to their previous clients, and get their honest feedback.
  • Visit their previous work and ensure you are happy with what you see.
  • Confirm that you are satisfied with their financial status.

Only then should you sign a legally binding contract to deliver the project based on clear plans, details and specifications. This will then allow for a stage payment process based on clear deliverables and a time-frame.

HollandGreen would always advise that any project is managed by an experienced Project Manager / Contract Administrator working to a complete and clear design and with a full specification package in place. This should ensure that the build runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This should also result in a better finish and a better control of your finances. The cost of good design and a good Project Manager is usually considerably cheaper than the costs incurred in a poorly planned and badly executed build.