Who We Are and Where We Came From

HollandGreen was established in 2010 by Ben Holland and Stephen Green who recognised, whilst working within a national Architectural Design company, that there was a better way of doing things.

It became apparent that the entire design and planning process was over-complicated and confusing for the consumer.  At the same time the levels of service offered by those within the industry were typically extremely low.  Because the consumer did not understand the process they were forced to accept a level of service that they would not tolerate elsewhere in their lives. Clients also had to accept the fact that they would have no idea how much the process was going to cost them.


Why we are different

HollandGreen was born out of a belief that we could do better – much better.  We founded a Company that specialised in designing the best house extensions, renovations and new homes – and nothing else.  By recruiting the best bright and forward-thinking Architects and Technicians from within the industry we have broken the process down into its various stages and created a new client focused business model.  It is based on easy access to information, better communication delivering a better customer experience through innovation and 3D modelling and Virtual Reality, better design and better budgeting.  Over the years we have gained a reputation for our contemporary designs to compliment period homes, we also have extensive experience of navigating the complexities of updating Heritage and Listed properties ranging from 400 hundred year old listed barns to period town houses.

What This Means to Clients:

Our unique business model offers HollandGreen’s clients a number of benefits that has ensured our continued growth and success:

Better Access to Information:  HollandGreen’s client focused systems and procedures ensure our clients can access their most current plans, 3D and VR models and other vital information about their Project at any time through their personal Client Web Page (CWP).  This allows immediate access whether it’s through your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, reducing the need for multiple paper copies and ensuring you are always looking at the most up-to-date plans.

Better Communication:  Our Clients have easy access to their Project Team via email, their CWP or by phone.  We will never patronise, ignore or confuse you with jargon – we aim to be approachable, plain speaking and encourage client collaboration and involvement at every stage.

Better Experience:  Our use of the latest technology, immersive 3D design , Virtual Reality and animation means that our clients get the chance to see how their finished house will look at the earliest stage and as it develops.  You will be asked for feedback at every stage and we will work with you to generate a design that you can see in 3D and understand before a single foundation is dug or timber cut.

Better Design:  Our commitment to design excellence means our team of Architects, Project Managers and Designers are as excited about your project as you are.  While our commitment to reducing environmental impact means we are able to offer clients either ‘Standard’ or ‘Green Build’ packages to suit.

Better Budgeting:  While no two projects are the same, the fact that we do so many residential projects in Oxford, Bucks, Surrey, Berks and London means we have a clear understanding of what is involved and as such can offer our clients a service allowing you to take on as little, or as much, of our involvement as you choose.  We are also well placed to provide likely costs for the building itself by employing an independent Quantity Surveyor early in the process and therefore prevent surprises later on.

What We Believe:

HollandGreen’s Core Values are at the centre of everything we do:

Innovative – We always look for a better approach and a more imaginative solution, minimising our environmental impact and never accepting the status quo.

Insightful – We engage with our clients to truely understand their needs, unlocking the potential to create visionary solutions that will deliver to their aspirations.

Attentive – Always approachable we have a genuine interest in and empathy for our clients.  Invested in the final result we endeavour to exceed expectations in all that we do.

Collaborative – Working in partnership we always act with integrity.  Supportive and respectful of each other we are accountable for our actions and committed to deliver the best results.

Positive Enthusiasm – We are passionate and fun creating a dynamic environment that nurtures design integrity, proactivity and creativity.

Our Purpose:

To Transform People’s Lives by Creating Wonderful Living Spaces.