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Environmentally friendly design

At HollandGreen we are very aware of the environmental impact that the construction industry has on our planet. This is why we invest a percentage of our profits into sustainable hardwood plantations in South East Asia.

Stunning contemporary new build home near henley with glazed links and sustainable elements at the heart
Oxfordshire new build home indoor outdoor living sliding doors

Green Design Package

As our population continues to grow, our demand for increased living space is also rising.  This results in an ever increasing demand for manufactured polluting building materials such as concrete and insulation and for natural building materials such as timber.

HollandGreen are committed to minimising the impact of our projects by offering an optional Green Design Package to our clients. This ranges from simple advice on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the incorporation of specific materials in our designs that are both friendly to the planet and friendly to your pocket.

We work closely with one of the UK’s leading Eco Energy suppliers and can tailor designs to incorporate technologies such as Rainwater Harvesting, Solar PV and Solar Water Heating along with Ground Source Heat Pumps and light tubes. Just call and we’ll be happy to discuss how you can make your project environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Construction

Our regular investment in Asian tropical hardwood plantations means that saplings are planted that will not only help absorb CO2 from the environment for decades to come, but will also offer a renewable supply of timber for future generations.  As a result natural timber supplies are protected, farmland is being reclaimed by forestry and jobs are created for the local communities.