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Interactive brainstorming in the design journey
Flowing levels new build home
River House open courtyard & entrance
Drawing room Lashlake House, Oxfordshire
Kitchen at Lashlake House, Oxfordshire

People, spaces & design.

Much more than just bricks and mortar, great design starts with people, and understanding the lives they live within the spaces we create. It’s more even than the sum of its parts, it's not just a well laid-out kitchen, a stunning façade or an elegant glazing detail. Innovative design is a combination of all of these things and how we bring them together to create a beautiful home.

Our ethos, our values.

We believe it is vital to carefully listen to our clients to truly understand their needs and lifestyles - how they live, how they interact, how they move through a space.

We endeavour to exceed expectations in all that we do.

Our collaborative approach ensures we have a close bond with our clients over the lifespan of a project which continues long after their project is complete.

We respect our environment and want to protect our planet.
We promote sustainability in every project we undertake.

We use nature as a connector to space, well-being and restfulness.

We strive for inspirational and innovative design solutions and never accept the status quo.

We are hardworking and detail-driven. We also have fun and look to make each design journey enjoyable and satisfying.

We live, breathe, love what we do. Our passion to transform lives with the spaces we create is as strong today as it was when we started over a decade ago.

Beautiful landscaped lawns garden design

Our Team.

We have a growing team of talented architects, technologists, interior designers and landscape designers across our Studio Hubs in Oxfordshire and London.

Noemi Mercurelli

Landscape/Garden Designer

Alain Torri

Associate Director

Gemma Williams

Assistant Technologist

Christopher Cooke

Associate Director / Interior Design

James Hurst

Associate Contract Administration Lead

Alison Clay


Sean Duggan

Assistant Landscape/Garden Designer

Laira Piccinato

Associate Design Lead

Jack Cooper

Assistant Architect

Andrew Veness

Associate Special Projects Lead

Mark Latchford

Director Landscape Design

Carol Edwards

Landscape/Garden Designer

Henry Broadbelt

Assistant Technologist

Richard Frank

Assistant Architect

Matt Picot

Architectural Technologist

Jess Rowell

Assistant Architect

Stephen Green


Kitty Sachdev

Senior Interior Designer

Steph Lee

Interior Designer

Olly Brown

Associate Director

Apollo Spiliotis

Architect, Head of Digital Design, Technology & BIM

Simon Griffiths

Associate Technical Lead

Lottie Porat

Assistant Office Manager

Yasmine Bashir

Senior Accounts Assistant

Ben Holland


Abi Amor

Head of Marketing

Karolina Mytnik

Senior Project Coordinator

Tyler Linney

Assistant Architect

Lucy Thompson

Marketing Assistant

Sophie Welch

Practice Manager

Izabela Zoryk

Project Architect

Katie Staples

Architectural Assistant

Alex Moss

Business & Client Relations

Gregor Horn

Senior Architect

Rex Hole

Project Architect

Join our team.

At HollandGreen we start each day with the goal of transforming people’s lives by creating wonderful living spaces. It is this belief that drives us to deliver a whole range of incredible projects across the architecture, interior design and landscape design fields. We look for the brightest, most talented individuals, and we support every team member to fulfill their potential on their chosen career path.

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