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Carbon neutral buildings

Designing ethical & renewable buildings is an ambition at the heart of our approach.

Sustainability is a core passion at HollandGreen. We have ambitious targets for advancing the ethical design of buildings and landscapes with the goal of creating renewable, regenerative living spaces that can be maintained for generations to come.


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Designing ethical buildings.

Sustainability from the start of the design journey.

We have a sustainable-led approach from the earliest stages of design, when we can plan solutions that will make the greatest positive impact over the long term in both the systems and materials employed.

We’re finding more clients are actively seeking imaginative new builds, sympathetic heritage renovations and creative barn conversions with sustainability at their heart. Ethical considerations are becoming a key element of the design brief for many projects.

Ash House is one such project.

Contemporary new build countryside home near Henley
Designing sustainably
Flowing contemporary new build riverside home
Buckinghamshire Sustainable class Q barn conversion architects

A Fabric First Approach

We design a building to the highest possible standard before considering any electrical, mechanical or technological system integrations.

By designing the fabric (sometimes referred to as the envelope of the building) to the highest standard within the brief and budget means we can minimise the future energy consumption of the building. Minimal ‘tech’ will be needed, and the tech that is employed will be designed to operate most efficiently.

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Sustainability using the latest technology

Technology leads the sustainability agenda in new build design.

The use of sustainable technology when designing a new build home can limit fossil fuel consumption while maintaining comfortable ambient temperatures all year round  – this should be central to both the building and its gardens. Carefully chosen materials, site orientation and planting schemes are considered and complemented by renewable heating and cooling technologies for optimal performance whatever the weather.

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Double height sliding doors ultra contemporary new build home
Passivhaus design.

Passivhaus design.

Passivhaus, a standard that ensures a long building life by focusing on managing the internal temperatures of the house, has long been regarded as the gold standard of sustainable architecture. Using high-quality construction and ventilation techniques, Passivhaus effectively manages interior temperature fluctuations, supplying clean, filtered air throughout and eliminating the need for complex add-ons.

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Luxury country manorhouse renovation
Sustainability in older buildings

Integrating sustainable materials in heritage homes.

Listed properties or those in historically sensitive locations require their own special approach. We have experience in sensitive and sympathetic renovations whilst bringing them into the 21st Century with designs and materials that meet the sustainability agenda and will endure for decades to come.

We designed a copper roof extension on Stone Farm in Oxfordshire.

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Industrial style barn conversions buckinghamshire
Minimally framed oversized glass link modern new build country home
Sustainable class Q aluminium cladding barn conversion
Sustainability in barn conversion design

A low-carbon design for a barn conversion.

Through Class Q permitted development, we designed a Dutch barn into a spacious family home.  Developing the design in 3D enabled us to effectively integrate sustainable technologies to our clients’ brief, whilst ensuring a beautiful aesthetic.

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How we start the design journey.

At the start of every project, it's important to establish what you want to achieve & what this means from a timeline & budget point of view. Most projects require a combination of all our disciplines & some may just need one.

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