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How do we approach furniture & lighting design?

Different living styles have varying spatial design principles which are specific to their layout. A contemporary minimalist layout is treated differently to a decadent traditional interior, and this is reflected in the furniture sourcing, space planning and lighting design.

Whether it is completely bespoke or from the high street, we take care in each element to ensure it is coherent with your living style. Once we have resolved the furniture layout, we produce a layered and integrated lighting design package which includes decorative lighting such as table lamps, pendants, wall and floor lamps as well as architectural lighting. We also collaborate with Audio Visual experts who assist in integrating smart home technology and automation.

Vibrant bedroom interior design
Eyre House
country cottage bathroom interior design
Asher House

We create a detailed lighting and electrical design based on a well-considered furniture layout understanding the personal tasks you like to carry out in each space. This includes the kitchen set up, bathroom designs, joinery locations, TV locations etc. Once you are happy with the design, a lighting schedule is created and are sent together with the layered lighting design to the M+E contractors who will include it in their design calculations.

Each lighting type is given a reference which relates to a point on the plan. Ideally, the contractor will be responsible for purchasing the architectural lighting, but we also include client supply items, pendants, wall lighting, picture lights that you may already own, or new items which are not included in the contractor’s scope to supply the wire for and install.

London home elegant interior renovation bedroom design