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3D Technology

How do you use 3D modelling?

At HollandGreen, we pride ourselves on transforming people’s lives by creating wonderful living spaces.  It’s our passion, the driving force behind all we do.  We create inspirational design, plan elegant and intelligent spaces, work with a a deep understanding of planning law and the permitted development rules and have a relentless pursuit of accuracy and detail.  All of which ensure we stand apart from other architectural practices.

One major difference is that we have developed an immersive 3D environment that allows you to see every facet of your existing and proposed design before a single joist is cut or foundation dug – we use this as standard across all our project, including interior design and landscape design projects. The way we use this incredible virtual reality experience ensures everything we create matches your vision, and the project we deliver gives you the result that both you desire and that we can be proud of.

Listed barn conversion 3D modelling

We have invested a huge amount of time and energy in our team’s capability to use this technology as part of our design process.  It means that we are able to not only show you how your proposed design may look on paper, but also allow you to step inside your new house, walk around your finished design using your tablet or smartphone, or wearing the virtual reality goggle we provide.

Best results often require invested time and effort.  For the extra time we have already invested, we can deliver a much higher level of detail,  ensuring a better finished product.  We find that using 3D modelling can also potentially save you thousands of pounds during in build: it refines your ideas before you start, in a way that traditional 2D design simply cannot deliver.