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Project Administration

How is the Build Managed?

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Your Main Contractor will likely have a Site Manager on your project looking after the site in terms of manpower, materials and timeline and that the final finishes are delivered to a high level.

They are normally incentivised to ensure the project runs to time but it is often the case that they will be looking for ambiguity and opportunities to increase the scope (and therefore the profitability) of the build.  A detailed specification and thorough Tender process will minimise this scope creep.  Here’s how we can help manage your build project.

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Contract administration and cost control

Your Contracts Administrator (CA) or, for larger projects, your Quantity Surveyor (QS) should manage the costs of your project ensuring that any changes from the original contract are tracked and charged correctly. They should also identify and incorporate any cost savings that can often present themselves during the build process and approve the payments from client to builder against clearly laid out deliverables.

Build Stage Support

Having gone through the process of designing a wonderful living space, it is important that the actual build is monitored and controlled by an experienced project team to ensure that the finished build is delivered to the standard laid out in the initial designs.  At HollandGreen,we are able to provide our own internal Contracts Administrators or we can introduce you to external Project Managers that we have worked with in the past to ensure your project is delivered to a standard that we would expect.

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Peace of Mind

Last but not least, having experienced professionals overseeing your build will ensure that the process is less stressful, delivered more quickly and to a better overall standard. Although sometimes viewed as a luxury that can be taken on if working within a budget, we strongly believe that Contracts Administration is an essential element of any build project.

A recent survey has shown that over 60% of Residential Extension Projects undertaken without external professional monitoring went 30% over their planned budget. We see this as a great reason for employing a Contracts Administrator and QS.