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Permitted Development

Which roof designs are allowed within Permitted Development Rights?

When specifying a roof design, there are multiple common options that fall within Permitted Development Rights. We’ve designed this animation below to illustrate the most common roof designs. Whilst we realise there are many more options than this, we hope this will give you some inspiration as to what would work with your home.

All of these designs, except for the side extensions, could be completed under Permitted Development, as long as you stay within permitted development design parameters.  For example, your materials used must be in keeping with your existing property and you must stay within certain size perimeters to comply.   However the design of the roof and style you opt for are not dictated.

Fuller details can be found in our information on Permitted Development Rights.

If you want to go beyond permitted development then planning permission will be required, and HollandGreen will be able to advise and guide you through the various options from traditional tiled roofs to modern seamless glass roofs.  We will advise on the required course of action and ensure you have not just the design – but also the relevant permissions in place.