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Planning Permission

Will I need planning permission?

Architecture & Interior Design Projects

Planning applications are required for most of the more ambitious alterations and additions. Although broadly similar across councils, each local planning authority has their own interpretation of what is and is not permissible in general, and the various heights and distances that will be acceptable on boundaries. Given the number of projects we have undertaken over the years in South West London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, HollandGreen has built up extensive knowledge and experience across all the councils in these areas.

Surrey industrial style basement kitchen renovation design

There are more demanding rules for development in Conservation Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and for particular Listed Buildings.  You should also note that, despite popular belief, ‘precedent’ is seldom a reason for approval – each application is judged on its merit and context and how it applies the guidance laid out in the various Council planning Publications.

Drawings are supported with a Site Location Plan and, when dealing with a Conservation Area or with some Councils a Design and Access Statement. Applications may require other supporting evidence or reports dependent on the type of application being made.

country House 3D sketch

Planning permission for landscape design projects

Most elements for garden builds are covered under Permitted Development regulations, but may still depend on the local authority and location in question. Listed buildings, conservation areas, AONB and greenbelt locations often have site-specific requirements that will need consideration.

Our Landscape Design team works alongside consultants and can guide you through the process to deliver plans sympathetic to these requirements.

Beautiful landscaped lawns garden design

Once submitted to the Council Planning Department we manage the process as your agent, tracking each step and keeping you informed of the major milestones during the journey. Our Planning Team (drawing on experience from Higher Management positions within Council Planning Departments) are able to ensure that your application is crafted and supported in such a way as to have the highest probability of success.

By closely tracking each and every application we are also able to quickly react to any adverse feedback or representations ensuring a quick turn-around and solid feedback – further enhancing the probability of success.