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Our Virtual Design Services FAQs


What is the Virtual Design Package service?

Our Virtual Design Package service is an approachable and convenient solution to help you create the HollandGreen look in your home. The entire process takes place online, where you begin by answering our simple questionnaire that allows us to understand your goals and aspirations for your project, your budget, how many rooms you would like to work on and how each room should function. From here, you will have a consultation call with your dedicated HollandGreen Interior Designer, who will thoroughly absorb your brief and consider all the details and your requirements before creating a bespoke design package that will contain everything you need to get started on your design journey build.


What is the 1 Hour Expert Call service?

Our 1 Hour Expert Call is a 1-1 video consultation with one of our Senior Interior Designers, ideal for clients looking for interior architecture or design advice. You can show your space over video, share a presentation, do a walk through over screen-share, or simply chat and take notes. The time can be used in the way that is most helpful for you.


How long is the Virtual Design Package process?

We allow for 3-4 weeks from start to finish, however, if doing more than one room this may vary slightly.


How long does the initial consultation last for?

Your video consultation will take place online (over Zoom) and will last for 30 minutes.


What does the consultation call involve?

Following reading your completed questionnaire, the consultation call is a chance for your interior designer to more comprehensively understand how you would like your space to function, how you would like to use the space, any changes you would like to make to the space, and to learn more about your personal and design style. You can also let us know your budget, likes and dislikes and who will be using the space.


What do I need to prepare for my consultation call?

It is very helpful to have your floor plans ready to go, so we know which rooms you are referring to. We highly suggest you make a Pinterest board with inspirational images for the rooms. Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing, you can can simply share with us any images you have collected from magazine or online.


What is the difference between virtual design and your full-service interior design process?

Full-services projects are typically a full home renovation, which often requires you to vacate the home while the work is taking place. Virtual design projects are ideal for those who would still like to achieve a professionally designed look but may only be working on a couple of rooms in the home. It is perfect for people who would like some design direction and expertise and are looking to facilitate the rest of the project yourself or with a contractor.


Do you recommend contractors?

We don’t recommend contractors or builders. As our virtual design services take place across the country, we are not able to suggest contractors which we have never worked with. We will not be in communication with any contractors you employ, and cannot be liable for any work that is undertaken.


Can you do site visits?

We do not include site visits on our virtual design projects. We often find that these are not necessary once we have seen photos and videos of your rooms.


Do you allow for all budgets?

We will discuss your budget in our consultation call, however, we are a company that focuses on using high-quality, long-lasting, and sustainable pieces to achieve our HollandGreen aesthetic.


How many rooms can I do at a time?

We typically allow for a maximum of three rooms at a time per project. However, we will do our best to include more rooms if we are able to.


Do you include kitchens and bathrooms?

We do not include these room in our virtual design services as they are highly technical areas to design. We do undertake kitchen and bathroom design in our full interior design service offering.


What happens if the products you suggested are out of stock?

We will only suggest products that are in stock, and therefore we ask our clients in the consultation call if they are ready to make purchases to avoid missing out on stock availability.


How many revisions do I get?

You will have the chance for one revision. Your final revision will arrive with all the information needed to get started on your project.


Can you help with structural changes?

We may well suggest some structural however it is up to you to engage the necessary tradesperson to advise if the suggestions are viable.


Do you offer full-scale kitchen designs?

No, not as part of our virtual service. This is something we include solely in our full service offering.


Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts on our virtual design services, as everything on your shopping list will be retail, meaning you will buy them and can choose the pieces at your own leisure.


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