The garden design concept phase is the most important part of the process. We will pitch our ideas based on your brief and turn them into inspirational hand-drawn sketches and mood boards. These will not only serve as a discussion document for your new garden but will also enable you to visualise your finished garden very early in the process.

It’s an exciting stage where your ideas and aspirations meet our garden design-and-build expertise and are transcribed on to paper to create the first visual reference for the project. We’ll review planning advice, as well as mapping the sun’s trajectory and recording the topographical features so we can prepare 3D illustrations, CGI images and garden ‘walkthroughs’ that offer a realistic experience of the finished garden.

The next stage involves fine-tuning the original concept before creating a strategic master plan. We’ll leave the material choices, intricate design details and planting schemes till later, but sample selections will be offered to give you a much better understanding of what’s to come.

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