The design process begins with a personalised Master Mood Board. This vital reference piece establishes the overall concept of the project and enables us to understand your personal design language in a compelling visual format. We find it also helps clients to clarify and crystallise their own ideas and provides an invaluable reference for the key design details and styles – well-used labels such as contemporary, classical, traditional, modern and minimalist, aren’t always helpful as they often have quite different meanings for different people.We then go on to develop boards for each area of your home, starting with the overall theme before directing our attention to sourcing, specification and detail design.

We’ll take into account how you envisage using your living space, and we’ll employ our expertise to create a plan that fuses your personal aesthetic with practical considerations like lighting and furniture layout.As part of this process, we will review everything from colour schemes and furnishing styles to fixtures, fittings, internal joinery and accessories and produce draft floorplans and interior room elevations to show how the space will work. A cost analysis of the various elements will also help with early-stage budget planning.