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Landscape Design Services

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Our Approach

We have an award-winning track record of using the latest digital design technology to collaborate with our clients and deliver an exceptional experience throughout the design journey.

Designing your garden is an exciting and enjoyable process and we’ll work with you to tailor our services, outlined below, to suit the scale of your project and transform your outdoor spaces.

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Phase 1 - Consultation

We start the process with an initial consultation and site visit to see the garden first-hand, spending time to fully understand what you would like to achieve and assess the needs for the garden.

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Phase 2 - Design

Feasibility Study – Following a measured survey, we produce initial 2D plans to explore different design options, with mood boards and initial budgets to support the ideas.

Concept Design & Detailed Planning – Once an outline design is in place, we use your feedback to build a 3D model to help visualise the garden. We explore options for furnishings, lighting and planting, before developing more detailed designs, such as material specifications and irrigation plans.

Tender & Mobilisation – A tender pack is then put together and sent to contractors to quote. We are able to recommend trusted contractors, or we are happy to work with one of your choosing.

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Phase 3 – The Build

The Process – We can provide site inspections and additional support throughout the project. This typically involves site meetings with clients and contractors as well as tree positioning and planting layouts.

Procurement – Using our network of specialist contractors and suppliers, we are able to source all garden furnishings, trees and plants of the best quality within your stated budget.

Handover – Once the garden is complete, we can provide additional advice and support as the garden evolves over time. A well-planned garden will evolve beautifully for years to come.

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How much does it cost?

After the initial site visit, we will be able to offer you a fixed fee for the first design stages, which include Feasibility Study and Concept Design. The best approach is to establish an overall budget early on, which we can guide you through.

Further design stages are often based on a percentage of the estimated construction budget. As an indication, design fees typically equate to 8-14% of the overall build amount.

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What’s Next?

If you’re looking to extend your outdoor space, or if you’d like to transform a garden with planting, we can work with you to create a space that seamlessly links with your property and lifestyle.

If you are also planning changes to your home, our Landscape Design Team can engage with our in-house Architecture and Interior Design teams for a fully holistic approach.

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