A Fresh Approach to Country Home Interiors

River House modern living room interior design

Sometimes one sees interior spaces and feels a connection is missing between their design and the building and landscape around them.

In this piece, Associate Director of Interior Design Christopher Cooke explains his vision for a new kind of country house – where individual lifestyle intersects with quality, natural materials & Scandinavian influences.

When we talk about the design of Country Houses at HollandGreen, the context is everything. We have three pillars we consider; the size of the house; its connection to its surrounding landscape; and its history.

The importance of identifying the relationship between these three pillars is to design so that the architecture, interiors and gardens are in harmony and give a unique experience which feels utterly natural. By this we mean there is no urge, no thought that another design would be considered.

Together with the essential first step of understanding our clients on a personal level and how they work, eat, sleep and play, this intersection between building and home-owner is the starting point for an interior style that in its conclusion creates spaces that are beautiful and individual, comfortable and thoughtful.

We care about global climate change and we are adjusting to a different way of living and appreciation. I call this the ‘refined imperfection’, where we are re-discovering the qualities of natural materials, such as timber and reclaimed stone; materials commonly used as part of everyday life in Scandinavian countries.

Double height kitchen interior design

What’s next?

Whether you’re looking to transform a basement or compliment a new build project with a beautiful gym space, our architecture and interior design teams will oversee each stage of the design journey for a space that complements your property and your lifestyle.

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