Melissa lancashire memorial bench

A memorial bench in memory of Melissa Lancashire

HollandGreen Landscapes had the privilege of taking part in a memorial project in honour of Melissa Lancashire, a much loved teacher and member of the community at Lord William’s school in Thame.

Melissa lancashire memorial bench

The students in Melissa’s tutor group researched and came up with the idea of a unique, Gabion style bench. The S-shaped design encourages a legacy of friendship and contemplation, allowing students to sit together or individually.

Led and coordinated by Barr Group, the project saw the collaboration between themselves, HollandGreen Landscapes and other local companies to bring the stone and timber design to life, while a beautiful ornamental cherry tree was sourced in time to blossom for the first time this spring.

Melissa lancashire memorial bench

In the words of Alison Gray, facilities officer at Lord Williams’s School:

“March 2020 was a devastatingly sad month for the Staff and Students of Lord Williams’s School following the news that their beloved Humanities teacher Melissa Lancashire had died after living with cancer for many years.

She was a fantastically funny, caring, generous, selfless and an extremely well organised colleague and friend.  Melissa inspired her students with her teaching and mentoring skills, helped them navigate various stages of their lives, simply put she was a star and we miss her dreadfully.”

The memorial was developed over the last year, with Melissa’s family and students at its heart, together with Lord William’s School and Barr Group.