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Architecture and Interior Design – The Holistic Approach

Both architectural design and interior design have evolved in recent years. At HollandGreen, we combine technology, structural planning and interior design at the early stages of all projects, which we refer to as taking an holistic approach to understanding our clients’ brief.  By involving all of our experts in the early design process, we can add value for our clients in a way that sets us apart from other architectural practices.

Just as every client has their own design style and ideas, every property we work on has its own unique qualities.  By combining our strengths, we can design stunning, bespoke homes for our clients. It is this approach that drives our team’s passion for transforming people’s lives by creating wonderful living spaces.

We were delighted when the British Institute of Interior Designers invited us to speak about our approach at their annual Inside Knowledge Conference.  In sharing our experience, we gave real life examples of our team working together, our projects developing in original ways, and, most importantly, the impact on our clients.  We often receive feedback that it’s our involvement of interior design in the initial architectural design planning stages that gives the client the confidence to build their dream home.

Statement black painting scheme living room design
Minimal cottage style interior design living room

Every person is different in their own personal design style and taste, it’s what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place and makes designing bespoke homes for individuals so interesting.  This makes each project we work on as different as our client’s requirements. Their values and priorities are unique to them and the wonderful living space they wish to create. Many use the opportunity of designing their own home as a way to let their creativity blossom, working collaboratively with our in-house Interior Design team to help explore and develop their Personal Design style.  This enables our team to complete their vision which speaks their Personal Design Language. It is for this very reason that our holistic design approach between Architecture and Interior Design works so well.

It’s the breadth of experience that adds value to the process. Considerations include technical aspects, both architecturally and interiors-based, ergonomic requirements, psychological needs and ultimately, the way the client wants to live day to day in their brand new space.

Our Interiors team get involved in the brief from the very first client meeting, throughout all the feasibility assessments and design options, and during the finalising of the design stages. They’ll even be found on-site during the build, checking on construction progress and engaging with the last design aspects to ensure the client has achieved their vision for the final handover.

Working in an environment where Architects, Interior Designers, technical designers and clients come together collaboratively and holistically is so inspiring and invigorating.  All design team members work to ensure the client is engaged throughout and that the design decisions made are coherent with their Personal Design Language. This transforms the design process, not only resulting in fabulously considered designs, but also helping to minimise alterations on site which can prove to be expensive. This makes the whole architectural design process more efficient, from start to finish.

Could our holistic approach be right for your dream build?

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