We are Supporting Woodland Heritage to ‘Double Match’ the Carbon Used in Our Projects.

Supporting Woodland Heritage

Ethical design and the creation of sustainable homes for future generations is the core of what we do. We are focused on solutions to increase energy efficiencies and reduce the negative environmental outputs which result from constructing beautiful homes for our clients.

With this in mind, we are delighted to be supporting Woodland Heritage, a fantastic UK charity working for the future of British woods. Their focus is on developing the resources and skills necessary to produce quality wood products made from healthy, well-managed trees grown and processed in the UK.

This includes new sapling planting schemes, woodland establishment, ‘woodland to workshop’ forester courses, and research bursaries.

Theirs is an end-to-end approach from sapling to finish wood products, supporting the people in the  industry and working to retain forester, wood production and artisan skills in this country.


Supporting Woodland Heritage HollandGreen Architects
Supporting Woodland Heritage HollandGreen Architects

Our HollandGreen Pledge

“For each of our projects, we calculate the tons of carbon used in the build or renovation, and the resulting number of English Oak trees, which, over their lifetime, will offset this amount of carbon.  We double this amount and donate the equivalent funds to Woodland Heritage to support the full range of their planting and educational activities.”




Supporting Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage’s Mission.

Woodland Heritage is recognised as a unique initiative, a way for wood users and consumers to “put something back” and contribute to the proper management of British Trees. Woodlands are capable of growing high quality timber whilst providing an environment that supports wildlife, but only if properly and continuously managed. The charity was founded by a group of traditional cabinet makers who wanted to improve the way in which trees were grown, maintained and harvested in the UK, and has since grown to include individuals and companies wishing to care for the UK woodland environment, as well as furniture retailers, timber merchants, tree growers and colleges.

The charity focuses on:

  • Tackling the threats to UK trees and the future supply of high quality timber
  • Development of the timber supply chain
  • Proactive management of resilient woodlands
  • Furthering the knowledge and skills of everyone working in forestry and timber production
  • Increasing everyone’s enjoyment of well-managed woodlands
Supporting Woodland Heritage

The Year Ahead & Beyond

We are excited to be supporting Woodland Heritage, and look forward to sharing more about this initiative over the coming months.


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