\ Cultivating Character in Interior Design

Cultivating Character: Elevating Modern Interiors with Heartfelt Design

In a world where modern design often leans towards uniformity, it’s the thoughtful touches that truly elevate a space. Here we explore the art of balancing harmony and individuality to bring character to your next interior project or home renovation.


Layered Lighting.

Carefully chosen layered lighting can create the specific atmosphere you desire in each room. For a snug, consider a mix of table lamps with soft lighting, lower levels, and highlighted alcoves to craft a cosy, peaceful, and relaxed space. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve the right atmosphere.

Colour Palette.

The colours we bring into our homes instantly create an environment uniquely tailored to our personalities. Some might find bold, bright, rich colours energising and inspiring, opting for a blood orange range cooker or rich plum painted utility cabinets. Choose colours that resonate with you, make you feel good, and enhance your space.

Personal Elements.

Incorporate personal elements by commissioning or creating your own artwork that reflects your personality and experiences. Include handmade items or upcycled furniture, such as reupholstering an armchair that’s been in the family for years with a fabric that brings you joy.

Mixing Styles.

An eclectic approach to styling your home creates a unique interior personalised to your tastes. Source pieces from different eras and styles, but maintain balance to ensure the combination feels intentional rather than chaotic.

Natural Elements

Bring natural elements into your home with nature-inspired patterns, curved shapes, and indoor plants. Arrange your furniture to take advantage of natural light and outdoor views, adding a touch of greenery, freshness, and tranquillity.

Creating Favourite Spots.

Designate favourite spots in your home, such as an intimate reading nook for relaxation or a seating arrangement in the kitchen to encourage conversation and connection among family and friends.


Consider sustainably sourced pieces and environmentally friendly materials to craft thoughtful and individual spaces. Add character and reduce your environmental impact with second-hand furniture and vintage artworks. Choose pieces that tell a story and resonate with you.

What’s Next?

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