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We are Finalists in 2023 Sustainability Awards – Garden Design Company of the Year.

We’re delighted that HollandGreen has been awarded as one of three finalists in the prestigious Garden Design Company of the Year at Pro Landscaper Sustainability & Biodiversity Awards 2023. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to creating sustainable outdoor spaces that support biodiversity.


We believe deeply in the power of landscape design to not only enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces but also to contribute positively to the environment. Our team is committed to integrating eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions into every project.

From planting native species and implementing water-efficient irrigation systems, to promoting environment-friendly gardening practices, we prioritise sustainability at every stage of our garden design process. Being named a finalist for the Garden Design Company of the Year reinforces our commitment to sustainability, and we are excited to continue to push the boundaries of eco-conscious design in the landscaping industry.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle across our whole Practice – in our design methods and how we operate as a business. Our video below, encompassing Architecture and Interior Design as well as Landscape Design, gives more detail on our approach.

Our Commitment to Sustainability in Landscape Design.

From our initial hand-drawn sketch ideas to the hard landscaping, planting selection and the garden build, we prioritise connections to benefit the natural environment. We promote the importance of biodiversity to our clients and partners and collaborate with local suppliers and artisans to minimise our carbon footprint. On larger sites, we establish wildlife corridors and new woodlands, utilising existing materials on site to create habitats for local wildlife. Our planting schemes are considered to support pollinators and provide shelter and sustenance for wildlife throughout the seasons.

A contemporary pavilion-style new build on an urban plot, blending indoor-outdoor living, landscaped gardens and a sustainable purpose.

Ethical Design.

We engage with architectural designers and contractors to integrate innovative renewable energy sources, such as air, ground, and water source heat pumps, and look to use water and wind harvesting techniques. We are participants in the RIBA 2030 Sustainable Outcomes initiative, aiming to significantly reduce energy consumption and achieve ‘zero carbon’ status in our projects. Additionally, we have partnered with the UK charity Woodland Heritage to offset carbon emissions by planting trees in British woods and supporting forestry management education. And we share our research with industry partners and share our learnings through articles on our website.

Vibrant cottage garden design

HollandGreen Sustainable Schemes.

As part of our approach to sustainability, we’ve established the HollandGreen ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) employee programme, conducting quarterly whole-company days to facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, and develop new initiatives. Leveraging technology, our team members can calculate the carbon footprint associated with each design, incorporating regular sustainability reviews throughout the design and build process of every project. We’ve also welcomed a specialist to the HG Team to assess the sustainability of our designs pre-construction. Another progressive technology system allows us to disseminate essential sustainability information throughout our team, and for a number of years we’ve run environmentally-friendly car and bike schemes, affording employees the option to commute using electric cars or bicycles.

Future Sustainability Plan.

Our commitment is to continue to integrate sustainability across our business strategy, design approach and all our operations. Our goal is to work iteratively and collaboratively to become a more resilient and responsible Practice – benefiting our clients, our employees and the natural environment.

We are unique as a Practice in specialising in landscape design alongside in-house architecture and interior design. We believe this holistic approach confers a responsibility to share our research and knowledge with the wider design and construction industries and to work collectively together towards a more sustainable and ethically-balanced future.

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Garden with wildflower and grasses