Modern family garden design

Considering garden design at the start of build projects.

It’s never too early to start your garden design.

When embarking on a house build or renovation project, thinking about the design of your garden and outdoor spaces from the outset will really pay off and give a unity and extension to your indoor-outdoor living.

Where’s the best place for your outdoor seating area and from which rooms does this extend? Do you need planting to offer privacy? Do you want separate areas for recreation, outdoor kitchen, spa or orangery to work cohesively around your property?

Garden feature seating design
Vibrant summer planting cottage garden renovation

Multi-company collaboration

Involving a garden designer from the beginning can also flag and find solutions to problems such as drainage or site access – problems that if missed can be a headache further down the line.

HollandGreen Landscapes work with many other architects and builders, not just on HollandGreen architectural and interior design projects.  We’re used to working alongside and collaborating with other appointed firms, bringing our expertise in landscape and planting design to the overall brief and working as part of the holistic project team.


Sustainable restored oak poolside pavilion landscape design country home
Rustic poolside pavilion design

The benefits to involving garden design to the original vision.

  • A collaborative approach – architect and landscape designer – will ensure a natural and seamless transition from inside to out
  • Your outdoor living areas will be optimised to complement the architecture, materials and surroundings and ensure they meet your lifestyle requirements
  • Our team can highlight the practical requirements of key design features early on in the build such as swimming pools, water features, fire and outdoor kitchens and even electric car charging stations
  • Early planning means services such as water, power and gas supplies are set in advance and installed at the right time for a quality finish, not a last minute add on
  • Where access is restricted, any oversized items such as large specimen trees or hot tubs can be installed before access is closed off
  • Views of the surrounding landscape will be optimized and your garden will make the most of sun and shade
  • Establishing a realistic Landscape budget at the start means you won’t face disappointment or have to compromise later on – or look out onto a mud field once your build is complete!
Modern family garden design

What’s Next?

We provide Landscape Design services throughout London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds.

If you need a garden design to extend your outdoor living space, or if you have finished the hard landscaping and need to transform the area with planting, we can work with you to create an outdoor space that seamlessly links with your property, sits well within the landscape and will be truly unique to you.

Contact us for an initial chat about your project and we can discuss the various options.