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Harmony with Landscape & Interior design

Indoor-Outdoor Living

With many of us having enjoyed some wonderfully warm early autumn weather recently, it’s clear why the popularity for outdoor living across the year continues. More people than ever are looking for that seamless link between indoor and outdoor across the whole year, upgrading their homes to include bifold doors, glass extensions, overhangs that provide shelter, fire pits, outside heaters and even garden rooms, annexes and orangeries. The lines between in and out really are blurred these days – and long may this continue.

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With interior design inspiration coming more than ever from nature, it’s wonderful to see how the latest indoor trends of floral and fauna wallpapers and fabrics follow the seasonal colours and blooms that the landscaper’s planting scheme creates.

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Designing Gardens and Interiors in harmony

It can be daunting to know how best to unify your indoor and outdoor spaces to forge a natural and easy connection. Planting, lighting, furniture all play their part.

Our Interior & Landscape teams work closely together on many projects. This sharing of ideas and influences right from the start of the design process creates designs with both the wow-factor and a functional unity. They link interior furnishings and colours with plant and landscape materials for a harmonious design style. Together, they will consider the context and orientation of the site, as well as light levels and the garden’s relationship to the house.

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Adding the Blooms in Seasonal Landscape Design

Once the main design planning phase between your interior and links to your garden has been completed, it’s time to plan how to capture and celebrate the rhythms of the seasons and think about what will be in bloom and beautiful. This added dimension of designing for seasonal changes and growth makes creating a garden both challenging and rewarding, and careful planning of your outdoor spaces can create interest across the year to complement your home.

Not only does this give a visual focal point from indoors and of course a calming place to be within and enjoy, it also helps to encourage wildlife and biodiversity. Our Landscape Designers will consider colour palettes, texture, form and movement to create truly unique outdoor spaces and views that change seamlessly with the seasons.

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When embarking on any garden design project, the most important place to start is with a comprehensive brief – it cannot be over-stated that all great garden designs stem from a great brief! Our design team spends time getting to know you and the space, your style and colour preferences and how you want to use the garden. Below are the basic points to consider when starting a new project. Your designers will guide you through the detail during the design process:

The Garden Design Checklist

  • Who is using the garden, and how many people should the space cater for?
  • Which activities will take place, and where in the garden
  • Key features to include and key views to enjoy or screen
  • Will the garden only be used at certain times, or all year round
  • Are there any safety requirements for children and pets
  • What’s your preferred planting style and colours
  • Do you want high or low maintenance planting, and who will maintain it
  • Are deer and rabbits frequent visitors?
  • What do you like most about the garden
  • What do you like least

Your Personal Garden Style

Everyone has a very personal taste in garden and planting styles. We take time to understand your preferences and translate them into a beautiful garden. A great way to communicate your preferred style when briefing our designers is by creating a Pinterest board. You’ll find masses of inspiration from our  HollandGreen boards too, it’s easy to start there and pin any images you love to your own board.

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What’s Next?

Whether you’re embarking on a new build or extension and need a garden design to extend your outdoor living space, or have finished the hard landscaping and need to transform the area with planting, we can work with you to create an outdoor space that seamlessly links with indoors and is unique to you.

Contact us for an initial chat about your project and we can discuss the various options or read more about our Landscape Design Services.