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Fabric Magazine explore garden designs for small spaces. in a June 2022 edition Director of Landscape Design, Mark Latchford, explores HollandGreen’s approach to designing compact gardens that maximise space and provide a restful indoor-outdoor living experience. From holistic design to clever use of lighting and zoning, the feature revisits Clearview Ridge, a project designed to provide a green retreat from the busyness of urban living.

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“When we design an urban or smaller garden, we look to create a holistic relationship between the indoors and out,” says Mark. “With gardens that have limited area, we aim to maximise and extend the living spaces, bringing the outdoors closer to the house and complementing the interior style and layout of the home.

When we put together a garden design for small spaces, we often create separate zones with their own unique ambiance and usage. This brings a sense of separation and discovery that can actually make a garden feel bigger. For example, spaces for entertaining, relaxation, storage and play areas for children are carefully considered to ensure each space flows cohesively into the next, all brought together with new planting and lighting designs.”

He adds that: “Views out onto the garden are just as important and should feel welcoming to encourage you outside.”

The owners of the urban garden project wanted to create an oasis of calm. This was achieved through lush green planting and layers of textures set against the tranquil sound of a water feature. With the clever use of lighting, the garden transforms into a magical evening set-up, encouraging the homeowners and their guests to enjoy the space for longer. “We designed a timber and galvanised steel bench beside a garden sculpture as a great spot for contemplation,” says Mark. “A contemporary steppingstone path links each of the elements through the garden, and a featured pod seat is another lovely place to sit on summer evenings. Glazing across the new extension provides ample views out into the garden, making the interior space feel connected to the outdoors.”

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