HollandGreen Interiors at BIID Inside Knowledge Conference

What happens when you get hundreds of design professionals into a single room? Magic! This November, HollandGreen was invited to speak alongside such reputable industry names as Olga PolizziJohn Evans and Daniel Hopwood at the BIID Inside Knowledge Conference. So, what was our takeaway from the whirlwind of ideas, design approaches and business models?

Staying true to your roots

No design or architectural practice is the same and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Embracing our differences and staying true to our values takes courage. During the panel discussion by Daniel HopwoodMay FawzyApril Russel and Rhian Barker, we couldn’t help ourselves but reflect upon who we are and what makes HollandGreen unique.

Throughout the discussion it was clear that developing a niche meant something different to each of these professionals, whether this translated into a specific design vision or the type of projects you focused on. For us this means how we approach every project in a holistic manner, bringing the diverse team of in-house specialists to the same table and focusing on how our clients’ want to experience their space.


‘There’s an app for that’, we’ve all heard that sentence before and few industries are safe from the recent advancements in technology. We highly enjoyed the quick-fire discussion hosted by Susie Rumbold and other seven BIID members on various apps / websites and technologies that have become a part of their day-to-day operations.

How exciting to see that our passion for employing cutting-edge technology in innovative and at times unexpected ways is shared. Virtual Reality has found its use in a multitude of industries, from airlines to consumer gaming. To us, employing VR in architecture is a natural step, elevating a design from a sketch on paper to a virtual experience of your new home before a single brick is laid.

Luxury bed cabinetry interior design
Eyre House
Contemporary interior design family home
Grove House


To our joy an increasing number of briefs we receive include various sustainability considerations and requirements. The developments in materials and technologies should keep all designers on their toes. From the fabric of the build down to the furniture, an environmental puzzle lays in front of us. In her expert talk, Elina Grigoriou, gave a fascinating account of how merging sustainability and interior design not only brings on an exciting challenge but elevates the design and creates a wholesome space.

Bringing everything under one roof

Then, it was our turn to share and exchange our vision for the industry. Unlike other firms we believe that from the first meeting with the client we want the best mix of specialists involved, covering all aspects of the project. From the architectural and technical considerations down to the lighting and furniture, our architects and interior designers come together to deliver the design that our client has envisioned.

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