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Luxury & On-Trend Home Gym Designs

As specialists in high-end gym projects for private clients, we’ve led a number of gym build projects across Oxfordshire, London and the Cotswolds, from the creation of multi-purpose workout rooms to light-filled yoga studios linked to spa and swimming pools.

Designing a home gym is all about flexibility – creating a space that is beautiful as well as functional, that elevates wellbeing and allows our clients to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Here are our insights on the latest design trends and what to consider when looking to create your own bespoke exercise space.

How Much Space Do You Have?

While you don’t need acres of space for a gym, it can be easy to clutter a room with equipment and pieces of tech that you may never use. When we source home gym equipment for our clients, we look for quality over quantity, designing a space that matches the specific goals and vision our clients have for their individual project.

Free weights or Multigym / Functional Trainer?

Resistance training is vital for toning and weight control. This can take the form of free weights, a functional trainer or TRX that uses your own weight, or any combination of the above, and our designers are able to offer advice on models and designs to best suit each project.

Home Gym Design Pelton Bike - HollandGreen Architects

Acoustics & Light Design

Home gym design can typically become segmented into one of two categories – leaning either toward a classic weight lifting gym or calming yoga / meditation space.

However we design flexible spaces with cleverly integrated lighting and sound that are  easily tailored to suit a variety of functions, at the touch of a button.  A multi-purpose space is brilliant to create a motivating, music-pumping environment for one session, and a calming relaxation space for yoga and meditation the next.

A mix of lighting is often the key in achieving this. For one of our projects, the team installed a series of spotlights for general lighting and ‘mood’ LEDs that are both dimmable and sound responsive, allowing the client to switch from a calm, warm white to bright and powerful colours for a high intensity workout.

Flooring & Materials

When selecting materials for each element of the room, there are many options to choose from. A good starting place is understanding what you will be using the space for before selecting accordingly.

Softer, natural materials like timber and leather can be combined with hard-wearing materials like polished concrete and rubber to take the knocks and bumps, while providing a surface that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Material choices should also be reflective of the mood and acoustics that the project is aiming to achieve. In each case, our interior designers work with our clients to create a bespoke solution that takes each of these factors in hand.

Temperature Control

Maintaining a comfortable, usable environment is key to a successful design, whether this involves fans, air con or intelligent window design that gives privacy while mitigating overheating during the warmer months. We also consider where the gym space is located, with north facing rooms easier to keep cool across the year.

Virtual Training Technology 

Smart fitness technology is a great way to recreate gym and studio classes from home, with virtual trainers and live class offers appearing in a variety of forms. We incorporated interactive technology throughout one of our recently completed projects below, including a floor-to-ceiling ‘mirror’ that offers group classes and personal training, keeping the home workout experience varied, engaging and social.

What’s next?

Whether you’re looking to transform a basement or compliment a new build project with a beautiful gym space, our architecture and interior design teams will oversee each stage of the design journey for a space that complements your property and your lifestyle.

Our holistic Architectural, Interior Design and Landscape Design teams work on award-winning projects across the CotswoldsLondonSurreyOxfordshireBuckinghamshire and Berkshire.

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