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Injecting colour into contemporary buildings

If you feel that cutting-edge contemporary design is synonymous with dazzling white walls, polished concrete and acres of glass, you could be forgiven for feeling that the use of colour is strictly frowned upon.

While it’s fair to say that the neutral palette has become standard issue for the modern home, the vast array of different colour palettes and tones means you can find the right type of colour to add a splash of excitement or a smidge of quirkiness around your home!

Working together with our architectural team, we were tasked with injecting an element of colour designed to reflect the joyful character of this stunning ultra-contemporary riverside home. Our client envisioned an interior that, even on the greyest of British evenings, would succeed in putting a smile on everyone’s face. We think we’ve achieved our goal – see if you agree!

Light + colour = impact

Well thought-out decorative lighting can transform the look and feel of a space – a topic we’ve previously discussed here – but it can also add visual interest to a large wall space.

These funky cube lights come in a variety of shade and bulb colour options. The simple cuboid form and matt finish create a sleek contemporary look when switched off, bursting into lively patterns of light, colour and shade when illuminated. We decided to carefully arrange them in an artful grouping to create a stunning mosaic on a double height wall using their colour, light and shadows to create dramatic geometric shapes. A piece of personal light art!

If you’re after more subtle hues for a softer effect, these Scandi-style lamps can be suspended at different lengths and in different colour combinations to create the desired effect.

Image source: Lightonline

Stairs and timber slats

Timber slats are beloved by contemporary designers for their ease of installation and pared-back aesthetic. Internally, timber slats can be used to create informal divides between spaces, prompting your guests to be intrigued and inviting them to peek beyond.

This array of slats has an additional secret, as the painted edges are revealed only when viewed from the side – a playful take on colour and perspective and particularly effective on a sinuous curved wall as in the example below. For our project we will be introducing this effect to the stair’s balustrade for a very effective blast of colour.

Joinery reveals

Joinery offers an exciting opportunity to add a little splash of colour to your room. When you commission your bespoke joinery you can opt for a painted or specialist veneer finish on some or all of your shelves. Using a single colour – or a variety of complementary or contrasting shades – we’d love to help you find the exact combination that’s guaranteed to brighten the room.

Image Source: Surrey Painting Group
Image Source: Case de Valentina

Soft Furnishings

Feature chairs and smaller soft furnishings like rugs, throws and cushions offer the opportunity to create bold colour accents throughout your living space. Using a variety of fabric patterns and hues not only creates a series of focal points for each room but also effectively punctuates areas where neutral finishes would effectively dominate. It’s easier to be bold with small parcels of colour, especially when items like these can be quickly changed out when you want to introduce a fresh palette.

Experimenting with texture

You don’t have to be a fan of bright and bold colours to stamp your individuality on your interior décor. In fact, even the subtlest mono-toned palettes can be given added depth and interest by introducing textures that play with light and shade to interesting visual effect. These images show how the grooves in a section of panelled joinery and the contours of an extended upholstered headboard both serve to add perspective to a softly hued room.

Making contemporary colourful – and personal!

All of this proves that contemporary design needn’t be all sharp corners and monochrome surfaces. It’s your home – it should reflect your personality and accommodate your quirks. Whether you crave your share of home comforts or delight in a splash of bold and beautiful saturated colour, we can help you to realise your dreams. We provide Interior Design services throughout LondonSurreyOxfordshireBuckinghamshireBerkshire and the Cotswolds.

Let’s talk about how we can help you inject colour and joy into your contemporary home, give us a call or submit our get in touch form.