Design that is perfectly aligned, and just enough

The term ‘lagom’ has been around for a few years now, the Swedish term loosely meaning ‘enough is as good as a feast’ and a state of having ‘not too much, or too little, but more a Goldilocks just right’.

It is said to be an approach to life and a state of being, and whilst it does have its critics for being too frugal and bland, from a design point of view we definitely buy in to its ethos of sustainability, quality, and balance.

The foundations of the Lagom approach

The Lagom concept has followed on from the earlier, popular lifestyle trend of hygee (pronounced hoo-ga), taken from the Danish concept of ‘cosiness and conviviality’. Interiors focused on comfy seating, blankets, open fires, candles and bathrooms with a spa-vibe.

The Lagom approach is rooted more in simplicity, function and equilibrium. It’s centred on finding contentment by taking just enough from life and leaving enough for others to also find happiness, creating a perfect balance in our surroundings to find a balance within.

What does this mean for interior design?

It’s been interpreted to mean designing with natural materials and fabrics, choosing quality pieces of furniture and furnishings that will stand the test of time, and de-cluttering to create minimalist, simple spaces. Just enough.

As we find ourselves spending more time than ever at home, families are asking us to help them create living, work and exercise spaces, each unique to their needs but equally each designed to engender feelings of wellbeing, productivity and calm.

In our restoration of a Grade II listed home in Oxfordshire in partnership with designer Louise Holt, we brought beautiful heritage features back to life, including windows and joinery, and paired a simple contemporary interior design to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere. The best of old and new.


Lagom calls for designs that use high quality furnishings, using as many sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials as possible, such as wood, reclaimed metals, precast concrete, cotton, linen, ceramics and bamboo.  It’s about making decisions based on the provenance of materials, together with a sensibility of their impact on the environment and their durability and timelessness into the future.

In both of the above design approaches – one a conservation project and one a contemporary extension – natural light, integrated wood, glazing and stone were optimised together.  Above all, and with our partners in the construction stages, we placed the highest emphasis on quality and attention to detail in every aspect.

Neutral Colours and Tones

In a lagom interior space, neutral colours of greys, whites and pinks create a soft, inviting background to beautiful furniture and furnishings. The idea is to create a restful, calming atmosphere and ambience.  Here we mixed a light beige-grey wool carpet against soft grey walls that give the dark-coloured chairs the stage to stand out.

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Builds

In partnership with StuartBarr, the above award-winning Class Q permitted development project converted an agricultural barn into a spacious, modern and energy efficient family home, with the design including as many eco-friendly, sustainable materials as possible. The interior approach was one of simplicity, neutral tones and an inviting calm.

The bedrooms in the barn conversion blended functional design with a soft, open aesthetic, using greys, pinks and white furnishings against wooden painted furniture.

Furnishings & Accessories

In a lagom themed interior, rooms are dressed with ornaments and accessories using glass, plants and ceramics.  Wood burners take centre-stage and become a design piece in their own right, integrating functional form and a sustainable, renewable energy source.

In the above projects, our Interior Design team sought an equilibrium between the requirements of the internal spaces to meet our clients’ unique needs, together with an insightful elegance and simplicity that transformed their living spaces.

What’s next?

We provide Interior Design services, together with Architectural and Landscape Design, throughout London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, BuckinghamshireBerkshire and the Cotswolds. We’d love to help you plan your dream project.  Find out more about how we work or get in touch for an initial conversation.

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