Impressive home garages for supercars

Luxury Garages

When your car represents the ultimate in automotive engineering, you want to house it in a space that’s been designed with all the skill and passion it deserves! At HollandGreen we believe that an exceptional fleet demands an exceptional garage created specially for your treasured supercars and providing the perfect environment to help keep them in F1 condition – and that’s not something that happens by accident.

The ultimate designer garage is a triumph of light and space. We’ve banished the dark, dingy spaces of old with their fluorescent strip lights in favour of sleek fittings, built-in tool cabinets, wet bars and climate-controlled conditions. This next-generation garage operates not to house overspill from the home, but to provide showroom-level stabling for automotive thoroughbreds, perhaps combined with a high-end gym, office or games room?

Luxury glazed garage design sketch

Adding value

Whether you need a professional set-up so you can work in comfort on your classic cars, crave a stylish backdrop that showcases your elite collection – or want a multi-functional space that doubles as a workout suite, a beautifully constructed garage could be a smart investment.

The trend for designer garages is also reflected in the rising cachet of homes that feature high-end vehicle accommodation. Whereas the garage would once have been almost an afterthought representing a small percentage of a home’s value, new-style luxury garages are not only adding valuable extra floorspace but are also setting properties head and shoulders above the local competition. Homeowners are beginning to realise that an under-utilised garage can represent a significant amount of untapped potential that’s worth the additional investment.

Showcasing a fleet of supercars

We recently responded to a brief from a client who had purchased a home in South Oxfordshire. Although this handsome Victorian house didn’t require any substantial work, the client – an avid automotive fan – wanted to create a building that not only showcased his budding collection of supercars, but also provided a relaxing setting for enjoying a spot of all-too-rare downtime.

Luxury glazed garage and gym design sketch

The brief specified the design of a contemporary spa complex that incorporated a four-car/two-motorbike garage with a showroom-style interior. The leisure complex was to include a gym and indoor pool complete with changing area and sauna, as well as a small social area. Ideally, the existing outdoor pool would be integrated into the project. A self-contained area would provide versatile two-bedroom guest accommodation for family and friends.

We developed three concepts for consideration, each capturing the essence of the local architectural vernacular, seamlessly blending contemporary design with local materials and finishes. We had already established that the main focus of this project was to build a fitting backdrop for a treasured collection of cars that, in turn, would offer plenty of viewpoints from which to appreciate their beauty from all angles.

Luxury glazed interior design sketch
Luxury glazed garage design sketch

All three designs combine outstanding aesthetic appeal with the practical elements that are essential in this kind of functional space. Security cameras enable remote surveillance of the collection, while a carefully climate-controlled environment maintains optimum conditions for the cars’ preservation. The spa and vehicle display areas are effectively separated so there’s no chance of vehicle damage as a result of humidity leaching from the leisure complex.

Stunning contemporary new build home near henley with glazed links and sustainable elements at the heart

A growing trend

The trend for luxury garages won’t be a passing phase in high-end properties. With demand for supercars and classic cars on the rise, it makes sense that automotive enthusiasts will want to house their precious collection in stylish and secure accommodation that enhances the overall appeal of their home. If you’d like to discover more about HollandGreen’s approach to luxury garage design, get in touch and we’ll share our inspiration!

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