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Specification & Schedules in Interior Design

One of our favourite parts of the process is the Specifying. It is now you get to enjoy picking from the variety of hard samples we source in keeping with the mood board for the space. We present them to you in person as nothing compares to feeling the texture of the surface and placing different finishes beside each other, fine-tuning your choices so that your personal design language shines through.

Once you have chosen the tile, marble, metal, trims, flooring etc. we will then compile a detailed finishes schedule for each room which will be passed onto the contractor. Your project will have its own materials box kept safe at our offices and brought to site whenever needed.

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We also assist with ironmongery sourcing and specification for all internal and exterior doors of the house as well as the windows. We look at the function of each door and the requirements for it. If it is a bathroom, does it require privacy locks, if its external do you want to include a letterbox or central doorknob. We acquire samples and finishes to suit your style and present them to you before getting quotes from the suppliers.

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Sanitaryware specification

Developing the stylised sanitaryware board we produced in the standard service, we investigate each individual item thoroughly to ensure it is the right style, size, finish, and colour for you and most importantly that its function suits your needs. Do you wish to have a roll top bath, what is the right floor mounted bath filler to suit? Do you want an overhead shower and a hand-held, which controls allow you to divert from one to the other? Do you wish to see the cistern of the toilet or is it to be concealed?

Based on these questions and more we will assemble the perfect selection of products for your needs from multiple suppliers and at the best price. Each bathroom is given its own schedule to avoid confusion.