At HollandGreen Interior Design, we understand that if your new home or extension is to become a living space you truly love, it has to reflect both your taste and your lifestyle.

Our in-house interior designer, Seaná Clarke, calls it ‘your personal design language.’   It’s about creating a home which not only looks good but which also functions perfectly as part of your everyday life.

It sounds simple, but all too often your ‘personal design language’ gets lost in translation between planning and reality. The key, says Seaná, is early collaboration between your interior designer and your architect, and continual input from you, the client.

“Great interior design isn’t created in isolation, it’s the result of good teamwork and open communication throughout the project.”


Defining your personal design language


To define your personal design language, Seaná seeks first to understand what makes you tick.  She overlays her knowledge of what each room is to be used for with a feel for how you live and what you consider to be your lifestyle priorities.

Do you like to entertain friends and family? Do you want a cosy and comfortable space in which to read or work? Do you like to listen to music everywhere you go? Have you always dreamed of enjoying a cup of tea in a sunny spot with a view of the garden?

It’s these detailed questions and more which help us begin to define room layouts and furniture choices which will form the backbone of a successful interior design.

Clients are shown mood boards for inspiration and ideas, and through a process of elimination, the personal design language of each client and their families starts to emerge.


Getting close to the detail


Once the layouts and main furniture items are determined, the detailed work can begin on wall colours, coverings, soft furnishings and decoration. Again, mood boards are constantly evolved to provide inspiration until clients begin to recognise their own tastes and preferences – their personal design language – reflected back.

For many people, this is the really enjoyable stage of any interior design project – working on colour schemes, patterns and textures which will truly bring a space alive.

“These are such personal choices – reflections of each client’s personal design language – that no two designs are ever the same. It’s a really creative process.” Seaná Clarke , HollandGreen Interiors


Bringing ideas to reality


Of course, finding the right furniture, fabrics and accessories isn’t always easy, though it can be a lot of fun. Seaná ensures her mood boards evolve to include items of furniture and décor which are available from high street or specialist suppliers, so that clients can bring the design to life.

The end result should be a natural evolution of a style which is developed from your personal design language, something unique and personal to you.

Please do get in touch to find out more about our HollandGreen Interiors service, or view our Pinterest boards for inspiration on interior design.


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