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Your garden is a natural extension to your living space. A well-planned and expertly executed garden design will not only frame your home in a stunning setting but will enhance day-to-day life, offering plenty of opportunities for entertaining, relaxation and leisure.

Our garden design philosophy is simple: we aim to create your dream garden by capturing your vision and using our expertise to devise a scheme that will perfectly complement your property. We undertake lots of standalone design-and-build commissions, but if we’re creating a landscape to develop alongside an architectural project, we liaise closely with the architects and interior designers to ensure we deliver a garden that’s perfectly attuned to the overall vision.

Our lead garden designer, Mark Latchford, says: ‘Coming up with interesting ideas for a garden is almost the easy bit (and most fun!). Creating a garden that works, not only for the client and the plot, but that is also sympathetic to its surrounding environment is key to creating a successful garden.’

Digging into the context

We take a personal approach to each project that begins by exploring your style and preferences and by conducting an appraisal of the grounds and the local environment.

We’ll need to know how you’d like to use your outside space. Do you want to entertain your friends and family here? Should it include child-friendly play areas? Do you want to relax in a sunny spot with a good book? Would you love to harvest your own fruit and vegetables? By digging into your dreams and desires, we’ll better understand how we can create a garden that perfectly accommodates your lifestyle priorities.

As the design emerges, we’ll map out ideas so we can prepare a master plan that connects you to your personalised landscape.

Mark says: ‘My job as a landscape designer is to connect people with their gardens. I’ve been lucky enough to work on a vast array of projects and always get a thrill from creating harmonious, engaging and emotive outdoor spaces that inspire an elemental connection to the natural world.’

Beautiful timber garden pergola with floating cantilevered bench design

Bringing your garden to life

With layouts, planting schemes and costs finalised, we can start the real-life transformation of your outdoor space. Hard landscaping will define the skeleton of the design, along with feature lighting and any structures like arbours or summer houses. Planting will bring the plans to life, injecting colour, texture and fragrance that will evolve and mature to create their own infrastructure.

We love to use plants that reflect the local environment and that will attract insects and birds to encourage biodiversity. Feature plants – specimen trees, for instance – add height and drama to any scheme and provide a stunning focal point.

Mark: ‘spending time outside in nature and practices such as ‘forest bathing’ which originated from Japan (called shinrin yoku) have been proven to improve people’s health and wellbeing. Because of this I will almost always try to incorporate new trees into a design suitable to the site. Whether it’s a small architectural multi-stem, evergreens to provide screening or a large mature tree that gives a garden an immediate sense of place and majesty.’

About Mark

Mark studied at the Garden Museum in Westminster and achieved a distinction from the acclaimed Pickard School of Garden Design. He established himself as the Senior Garden Designer at Bowles & Wyer after serving as Design Director for Cool Gardens for a number of years. His style is creative and striking, with an approach to design that is grounded in an in-depth practical knowledge and extensive site experience.

How can we transform your outdoor space

We are passionate about creating outdoor spaces that will perfectly frame your home and continue to evolve into an integral part of your property’s identity. Visit our page for inspiration on landscape design and our services or get in touch to discover how we can help you transform your outdoor spaces.