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Trends & Insights from London Design Week 2023.

London Design Week with HollandGreen Interior Design Team

Our Interior design team enjoyed exploring London Design Week 2023 this March, delving into the latest trends. We speak with HollandGreen’s Senior Interior Designer Charmaine White about the hot take aways, and what we can expect for the year ahead.


“Interior design is an ever-evolving art form, and whilst the tenets of good design are enduring, there are new trends and exciting collaborations emerging every year. This year is about creating bold, beautiful and impactful spaces that tell a story.”

London Design Week - Maximalism Interior Design
Alice Temperley and The Romo Group Collaboration
Maximalism wallpaper
Maximalism Details

Dreamy Maximalism

From bold leopard print furniture to head turning wallpaper designs, we are seeing a shift from understated neutrals to fearlessly layered Maximalism. The brave interior design move presents enchanting patterns, textures and colours, whilst mindful to not come across as chintzy.

A collaboration between Alice Temperley and The Romo Group showcases a path to spellbinding interiors where the only limit is your imagination, creating ‘a world less ordinary’. The designers have merged together leopard print, velvet, bold wallpaper and beautiful trimmings creating a captivating cosmos of interior design.

Morris & Co launched a new wallpaper collection, Emery Walker’s House Collection. The captivating designs are inspired by the historic Arts & Crafts home of their close friend and collaborator of William Morris. Each wallpaper design has a story to tell, providing a charming addition to any room.

Alice Temperley and The Romo Group Collaboration
Morris & co Maximalism wallpaper
Morris & Co.

Quality Textures

At London Design Week we saw a range of natural textures and materials in use from the latest collection of Larsen which works beautifully with modern country and Soho farmhouse interiors. Rattan lampshades, bamboo furniture and sisal carpets also made an appearance – rich in texture, they offer a warm and organic presence to a room. Designer Gilly Nicholson displayed fresh, crisp and bespoke bed linen, looking like they offer only the deepest of sleeps.

London Design Week Textures
Rattan Lampshades
Gilly Nicholson London Design Week
Gilly Nicholson Bedding

Impactful Spaces

Interior design is more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that reflects your personality and aspirations while remaining functional and practical to your lifestyle. As we look to the future, we’re sure Maximalism will continue to be part of this exciting art form, and where elements can integrate into a myriad of personal interior styles.

From statement pieces to vibrant colours and textures, such bold design elements will add energy and style to any room, whilst also working when pared with some of the more neutral and organic material palettes.

London Design Week Textures
Texture, Pattern and Colour
Maximalism London Design Week
Asher House Kitchen, Colour Inspiration

What’s next?

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