White Paint – Six of the Best

White paint ……… yes we are tackling this subject for you!

At HollandGreen Architecture and Interior Design we love the subtle and varied palette that white paint has to offer. You are probably thinking … surely it’s just white paint? However, as we all know choosing the ideal paint colour can be difficult and challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect white paint.

Paint appearance changes significantly depending on the light. This can be due to natural or artificial light, the time of day as well as with the seasons. It also depends on the brand and the finish of the paint. To help you on the way to selecting the perfect match here are our five of our favourite white paints.

1. Farrow & Ball – Wevet

We love this delicate white paint with its clean understated feel and a tinge of grey. It makes it incredibly versatile especially for contemporary interiors but as shown here it also works well to update a period home. Wevet is an old Dorset term for a spider’s web and we feel this describes the colour perfectly.


2. Little Greene – Slaked Lime 105

A natural feeling white that is easy to live with due to its warm soft appearance. This paint reacts strongly to the setting which is why we have included two room shots. In the country kitchen it is warm and inviting but retains its crispness. Sitting next to Little Greene’s Scree, the Slaked Lime becomes brighter, cooler and crisper. In our opinion it’s a wonderful paint.

Farrow & Ball Wevet White
Little Greene Slaked Lime

3. Sanderson – Ethereal Blue

This is a cool misty white paint. It gives off a very cool feel with blue undertones but it is still very much a white. This white paint is great for sunny rooms that you’d like to retain that crisp, clean contemporary feel when bathed in warm sunlight.


4. Benjamin Moore – Super White

This is our choice for a real cool, clean crisp multi-purpose white. It is one of Benjamin Moore’s classic and constant bestsellers. This is probably the whitest white of the list and certainly brings an architectural crispness to any scheme especially when contrasted with darker paint colours as in seen in this room.

Sanderson – Ethereal Blue
Benjamin Moore – Super White

5. Fired Earth – Marble

For those who prefer to have a warmer white for a bedroom or for a country cottage, our favourite is Marble from Fired Earth, shown in the image below on the walls. You can see the faint ochre undertones but it is so subtle that this beautiful hue does not stray anywhere near old world cream.


6. Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint® 

Chalk Paint is the versatile furniture paint developed by Annie Sloan in 1990. There’s no need for sanding or priming and the range of whites works on wood, metal, laminate, concrete, indoors and outdoors alike. In the image below, Old White used on the cladding of rustic, textured planks ensures the base for a warm neutral white making the bedroom space cosy rather than stark.

Fired Earth Marble
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White