Your 2020 Landscaping Calendar

We all know that ‘timing is everything’, but this rings particularly true when it comes to landscaping and gardening. We have put a landscaping calendar to help you plan ahead and time the different activities perfectly; from when best to prune to planting.


Rootball Season: The earlier months of spring are the perfect time to plant your well-established plants before they wake up from a long winter sleep. Root ball plants are much more mature than container grown plants and will create a greater instant impact due to your garden’s density.

Irrigation: The cold weather can be harsh on your garden’s irrigation system. Water can seep in causing damage through freezing and thawing. Therefore, this season, be sure turn on your water slowly and clean your sprinkler heads to avoid bursts or any additional damage.

Spring Clean! Just like at home it’s time to freshen up our outdoor spaces! Let’s clear the way for sunnier days and warmer weather to arrive.


Pruning: Summertime offers a time of rapid growth in your garden, perhaps, not always for the better. Weeds and other invasive plants are eager to sprout amongst your planting beds. Be sure to schedule swift and safe removal of these species or apply mulch or weed mats to prevent future growth.

Water regularly: Water can be scarce in warmer waves of the season. Ensure your plants are getting the most out of their daily routine by watering early or later in the day to minimise evaporation.

Recruiting birds as gardeners: Hibernating pests, like nats or larvae, love feeding on roots and sensitive plants. Introducing birdhouses, birdbaths or feeders can promote extra helpers in your garden to control populations of unwanted insects.

Summer planting schemes cottage garden landscaping design


Protect sensitive plants: If you have tree ferns or other species that are sensitive to cold & frost, be sure to get them wrapped up for the winter months. If possible, consider bringing plants indoors to save from excess frost damage.

Autumn clean: Remove excess debris in your garden. Thatch and moss that has built up over the summer months can be removed and added to compost. If you have a pond or other artificial water features, be sure to remove leaves to prevent blocking filters and pumps.

Setting the stage for next year: Early Autumn is a great time to lay new turf, giving it enough time to establish before next summer.

vibrant autumn tree garden design


Irrigation: Time to close-up for the season. Water quickly expands in your irrigation pipes, turn off irrigation systems and have them serviced to prevent water damage.

Watering: Mix-up your watering schedule this time of year. Minimise your watering to dry periods when the ground is not frozen or covered in snow, but try and water your garden once a week.

Time to enjoy the holidays! What a year of landscaping it’s been! Time to put your feet up, grab yourself a lovely cuppa or perhaps something heartier and enjoy the holiday cheer.

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