Chelsea Townhouse

/ London

In the heart of Chelsea London, a stunning townhouse stands testament to the integration of design, history and personal narrative. Our interior design team are creating a new home, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of our clients’ time spent in Africa, to infuse each space with a uniquely individual story.

The interior design will house a playground of textures, where dark earthy tones mingle with striking patterns and natural materials and where contrasting bursts of vibrancy and colour will weave delicately into moody and cozy backdrops. Every room has been given the upmost attention to detail.
Moodboard Shows the colour pallet and textures
Living Room Sketch

Elements of fun and surprise will be found in playful accents and hidden gems of furniture and fittings, each small touch creating sense of whimsy within refined quality finishes. In this Chelsea Townhouse our clients’ personal journey will intertwine with an artistic vision to become a home that celebrates heritage, evokes emotion, and captures the essence of storytelling through design.

The family bathroom has been crafted with exquisite detailing, offering both functionality and beauty. Anchoring the space, a striking vanity unit takes centre stage, its elegant design showcasing the marriage of form and function. Adjacent to it a free-standing bath with sleek lines and timeless elegance will be surrounded by a blend of textures, patterns, and natural elements in flooring, tiles and wall coverings, which together define the overall bathroom scheme.

We look forward to sharing more as the designs develop.

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