Greencroft Court

/ London

A Contemporary City Garden.

A London garden designed to maximise time spent outside and create a strong connection to nature. The design compliments the home’s recent renovation, with clean lines, defined borders, outdoor seating areas and a water rill feature.


A key objective of the garden design was to maximise the time our clients could spend outside and feel close to nature. There are two seating zones - on the rooftop terrace and within the garden itself - following the sun’s path to take advantage of the best light, from morning breakfasts to evening drinks. The idea is to bring the garden to the elevated terrace perspective through the glass balcony, as well as at ground level.

A water rill adds a focal point and softens surrounding noise, giving a calm and restful feel to the garden, which our clients tell us they feel every time they are outside or on the terrace.

The seating areas overlook an open lawn bordered by textured shrubs, and pleached trees give another layer of depth as well as privacy and shading. Reclaimed timber used for the border edges give the garden something old and natural, which contrasts with the porcelain modern steps and tiles.

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HG Brands

Landscape Design