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Recreating Luxury.

The meticulous restoration of Maplehurst House, an esteemed Grade II* listed residence situated within a conservation area in the Cotswolds. The design will preserve the charm of the property and its surrounding gardens, with artisan renovations reinstating original features alongside some contemporary interventions. The result will be a characterful family home with modern luxury.



Biophilic design in the overall scheme's approach forges a strong connection and ambiance to the natural surroundings of the Cotswolds, with a focus on natural light, organic, local materiality and a palette of earthy colours and textures.

A pivotal aspect of the restoration involves the conversion of disused outbuildings and barns into distinctively contemporary yet thoughtfully designed living spaces, true to their heritage form. New utility rooms, boot room and gym will be linked from the main house, while a Cotswolds Stone courtyard and laid path will lead to a pool and spa suite, guest accommodation and an entertaining-cum-party barn.

The pool and spa barn takes its inspiration from hotel The Newt's pool complex, with a waterfall wall and exposed brickwork meeting Crittall floor-to-ceiling glazing along its length. A vaulted beamed ceiling houses a mezzanine-glazed steam room at one end, and all combine together to create a rejuvenating, wellness home spa which maximises comfort with some opulent touches.

In the main house, the alterations will enhance the character of the property whilst bringing it up to current building standards. New drainage will be installed, with other minor alterations to the existing fabric, including removing unsympathetic elements, uncovering original fenestrations, and creating a small sensitive addition to the main house.

As the property is situated in a conservation area, we have worked carefully with conservation officers to ensure the designs meet the stipulations of the Cotswolds Local Plan. A key objective is to minimise the CO2 footprint of the property, which will be achieved through the introduction of a renewable energy provision. A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) has been installed to serve the site, supported via a small ground-mounted PV array.

Our landscape design scheme has biodiversity at its heart, and will include masses of native flowering plants and shrubs, which will surround a natural pool, together with further seating and entertaining areas, which will follow the sun's path across the day. The gardens will give a positive biodiversity gain to the estate and the wider local environment.

We look forward to sharing more as the renovation progresses.

Connection & Biodiversity in Landscape Design

The design vision of this garden is to compliment the style of the contemporary new home, support the local planning policy to minimise environmental impact, and create a series of interconnecting, Japanese-inspired gardens holistically considered and integrated with the living spaces.

Watercolour Sketch 1 McNamara
Sketch of rear garden & water features
Sketch of entrance driveway

As first coined by the American biologist Edward O. Wilson, this is ‘biophilia design’, a response to the recognition that we possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Kingbury House will be a truly indoor-outdoor home, where the gardens and setting play an integral and symbiotic role with the building and local natural environment.

The garden is split over 2 levels, each of which will be given a different feeling and use. The hard landscape focuses on natural materials such as timber, stone, and clay, alongside British and wildlife supporting vegetation such as Betula, Ilex and Taxus. Our designs meet our clients' desire for an Asian-Oriental garden style - yet realised via a range of native plant species that will support the local natural environment, habitat and wildlife.
Moodboard of design & materials front courtyard & upper garden
Moodboard of lower garden & use of water

Designing with British and North European native species doesn't have to mean a messy meadow or wild borders. Kingbury House garden will be beautifully structured and serene, with a palette of plants where every single one will be native and good for biodiversity. Sustainability in harmony with design will be at the heart of this garden.

In the lower garden, local British materials will be used alongside water, introduced to the scheme via a series of ponds and small features to reduce noise pollution and to further support biodiversity and the local wildlife.
HollandGreen Landscape Designers create High end new build home design with cut-out courtyard & cantilevered overhang

Kingbury House is the realisation of a truly holistic design between building and garden; architecture and landscape design. A contemporary vision with a sustainability-led purpose that succeeds through the collaboration of ideas and values from the very start.

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