Serenity House

/ London

An Elegant Aspect.

This London family-home garden has evolved from plain lawn to luxurious contemporary landscape, with new patio, dining areas, swimming pool and seating surrounds and decking to enjoy the 360 garden views.


The glazed sliding doors from the kitchen-family room create an easy indoor-outdoor connection, and the patio area with lighting serves as a versatile space for year-round relaxation and socialising, overlooking lovely views of the pool, shrubbery and lawn.

Encircling the pool are several relaxation spaces to suit the light and time of day. We placed pockets of lush greenery amongst them, creating a harmonious blend between the contemporary stone and soft planting. A water feature has been installed beside the dining area, giving a sensory experience gently heard whilst enjoying the garden.

Build Category

HG Brands

Landscape Design