Biophilic Design.


What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design is an approach that emphasises the deep connection between people and nature in various living and working spaces. It aims to counter the negative environmental impact of industrial construction and create healthier habitats that enhance well-being.

Approaching design with biophilia in mind.

In biophilic design, there are three main principles. First, bring nature directly into the space through multi-sensory interactions. Second, draw inspiration from natural structures and spatial configurations. Third, use natural analogues, like patterns and shapes, to reflect nature indirectly with non-natural materials.

Biophilic residential design.

We prioritise natural light and connection to the environment through strategic glazing. Our designs embrace nature-inspired shapes, textures, and materials for a positive impact. We consider temperature regulation and incorporate green elements in gardens. In interiors, we select wallpapers, furniture, and textures that reflect nature, bringing biophilic elements into the home.

Benefits to biophilic design

Research has shown that biophilic design promotes cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being. When working with clients, we engage in collaborative discussions to comprehend their unique requirements and priorities. By integrating biophilic elements into the design, we aim to create an optimal home environment that fosters stress reduction and enhances creativity. Our goal is to establish connections to nature through various elements of the home design based on the evidence supporting these benefits.

Materials used in Biophilic Design.

Wood (certified FSC), bamboo, linen, cork, and ceramics are instrumental in creating a biophilic design due to their use of natural colours, fibers, and textures. We also explore vegan leather and materials derived from industrial waste, as they align with our commitment to support the growing sustainable industry. Incorporating key plant species, along with selecting artworks and sculptures that reflect or embody nature, are additional approaches to infuse natural elements into home interior design.

Designing for London Gardens

Biophilic Design and Sustainability.

We prioritise sustainable design and ethical materials, aligning our commitment to connect clients with nature and reduce energy consumption. Our unique approach integrates architecture, interior design, and landscape design from the outset. By leveraging site features, collaborating with local artisans, and fostering a sense of well-being, our designs create a harmonious relationship with the environment.

How we start the design journey.

At the start of every project, it's important to establish what you want to achieve & what this means from a timeline & budget point of view. Most projects require a combination of all our disciplines & some may just need one.

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