Designing beautiful gardens in time for summer

Despite the grey weather, the early winter months are the perfect time to plant a garden, with the HollandGreen Landscapes team busy on-site bringing carefully crafted designs to life in time for the warmer months ahead.

Landscapes Director Mark Latchford explains why it’s best to start the design process as soon as possible, for a beautiful outdoor space that works seamlessly as part of the wider living spaces while offering plenty of interest and texture throughout the changing seasons.

Grand English country manor house architects
Oak Manor landscaping sketch

Allowing time for the design process

Before getting started on the actual planting and landscaping, we start the process with an in-depth consultation and site visit to explore each client’s vision and aspiration for their garden.

These ideas are captured and refined through detailed planning and concept design, where we use the latest digital design technology to put together sketches, mood boards and complex 3D models to fully visualise the new space, as was done for an ongoing manor house project involving a formal lawn, luxury outdoor pool and woodland, visualised above.

Luxury country home garden rooms entertaining 3D design
Longridge House 3D visualisation
Garden lounge seating area with fire pit

These initial stages can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project, so it is never too early to start planning your outdoor space.

When designing a garden as part of a wider home renovation, it is particularly key to ensure the the landscaping elements tie in with the rest of the build. Our landscape designers work seamlessly together with the in-house HG Architecture and Interior Design teams, ensuring that each aspect of the project comes together for a fully holistic approach.

Modern living space renovation with indoor outdoor living garden design

Sourcing in advance

Once the build begins, procurement becomes a key factor in the design calendar.

Spring bulbs and rootball plants are both more cost effective when sourced during the winter months, as well as offering a much wider selection of varieties to choose from. Outdoor furniture is also best sourced early in the year, in case of long lead times before the summer.

Garden design water features

Seasonal planting

Completing the planting of trees and hedges before spring sets in gives them plenty of time to settle in with minimal stress before the weather heats up.

For this secret woodland garden, we sourced and planted mature giant tree ferns that create a beautiful green canopy that really brings the secluded forest setting to life.

Luxury forest garden design
Green woodland planting stepping stone luxury garden design
Luxury fire pit secret garden design

Whether you’re looking to transform your outdoor space or design an imaginative new build home or extension that links seamlessly to the surrounding grounds, we can work with you to create a space that is unique to your property and lifestyle.

Uniquely placed as a family of architects, interior designers & landscape designers, we bring award-winning projects to life while taking a seamless and holistic approach to each design.