Embracing Autumn: Our Interior Design Team Shares How to Create a Cosy Sanctuary.

As summer moves into autumn, we find ourselves in a season of transition. The days grow shorter, the evenings darker, and the air carries a subtle chill, inviting us to embrace the warmth and comfort of our homes. It’s the time of year when we yearn for the simple pleasures: curling up with a blanket, cup of tea in hand.

As we know from our biophilic design approach (which recognises and builds on the deep connections people have to nature), the impact of lighting on our emotions becomes particularly evident as the evenings grow darker. A home illuminated with harsh fluorescent lights misses out on the warm and inviting atmosphere which can be achieved by incorporating soft, textured lighting. Here, our Interior Design team share some insights on how to make your home an inviting sanctuary for autumn and winter, complete with rustic touches, seasonal foliage and wreaths, and warm layers textures.

Warm Lighting.

Combine different levels and layers of lighting to create a cosy ambiance in your home. Floor lamps can be tucked within a corner of a room to create depth and maximise the aesthetics of the room or next to a reading chair for extra cosiness. Table lamps can be used as lovely decorative pieces whilst creating ambiance and glow. You can also use a seasonal scented candle paired with a match pot which will give an aura of natural soft lighting. Our Interior Design team’s favourites this Autumn are Jo Malone’s Pine and Eucalyptus Home Candle and The Sage MatchPott by Pott.

HollandGreen Interior Design Team favourites
We love the Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Home Candle.
HollandGreen Interior Design Team favourites
Pair your candle with this lovely Match Pott by Pott.

Layer up With Textures.

Just as we layer up with jumpers, hats and scarves – now it’s time for our homes to get the same treatment. Combine soft fabrics like boucle, wool or velvet with up-cycled or wooden furniture to create richness and warmth. Extra scatter cushions, a wool throw and extra details to your dining table such as layered place settings, table cloths and linen napkins all add touches of texture to create an inviting home to relax in.

Vibrant autumn colours interior design living room
HollandGreen Interior Design Team Autumnal Moodboard

Rustic Touches.

Following biophilic design principles, using nature itself as an interior accessory is a quick and easy way to add a seasonal touch to your home. With an abundance of choice from flowers, branches, foliage, and logs, these natural elements will provide interesting shapes and surfaces to contrast softer materials in the home.

Seasonal Foliage and Wreaths.

You don’t need to wait until Christmas to dress up your front door. You can create a striking entrance to your home with an autumnal wreath filled with lovely warm hues such as deep yellows, oranges, greens and browns. You can make your own arrangements using dried flowers, pinecones, autumnal leaves and feathers, or our favourites are from Wild at Heart, such as Autumn Charm Wreath.

Wild at Heart, Autumn Charm Wreath.
Beautiful details.

What’s Next?

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