British designers have long shown a reputation for weaving rich history and eccentric personality into their spaces. The Interior Design team at HollandGreen are taking inspiration from this, sourcing sustainable furniture from local artisans and auction houses to add character and complexity to their designs.

Opting to source custom pieces from local creators, instead of mass manufacturers, allows for stunning, one-off designs that contribute to the tone and individuality of the room. Each piece has its own character and tells a story in every handcrafted angle and line, while the combination of different styles evokes specific periods and trends across British history.

A rural country retreat. Interiors by Lara Clarke


Custom-made pieces give you control over the materials and design used, to ensure your furniture has been designed with a conscience. For some designers, this means crafting with sustainable, locally sourced materials, while others make a point of repurposing and recycling boutique materials and textiles to retain the artisan history of each piece.

It’s also an opportunity to invest in a creative local business with values that you believe in. Sourcing furniture from a local designer supports British industry at a critical point in time, allowing locally bred creativity and identity to flourish.

Blending modern and traditional. Design by Louise Holt


These are some of our favourite British furniture designers, each with their own unique history, style and production manifesto.

Tom Faulkner

For more than 20 years, Tom Faulkner has been designing and crafting exquisite furniture and accessories from his expanding workshop in Wiltshire. Clean lines and beautiful materials are the defining themes across each of his works.

These principles came together as a defining aspect in the final design of The Mill House, a recently completed Grade II* listed home renovation.

Modern country kitchen with artisan timber island and dining table

In keeping with the original character of the old mill building, artisan solid wood pieces were chosen to create a beautiful country kitchen and dining space. The soft lines of the statement oak dining table and olive-green island counter combine modern elegance with timeless simplicity.

Max Rollitt

Combining antique dealing with bespoke, hand-crafted reproductions of his most unique collections, Max Rollitt specialises in sustainable materials and traditional crafting methods to create truly unique and long-wearing items.

Many of his creations opt for rich and playful patterns and textures, making for eye-catching centre pieces and smaller accessories that add a rich sense of character to the room.

Photography: Max Rollitt


Statement seating pieces inject a splash of colour into this light-filled luxury home library below, providing a comfortable space to read and relax while adding a quirky sense of character to the double height extension.

Meanwhile, a hand-crafted caged lantern design provides a unique lighting solution to this heritage home renovation. The delicate metal profiles contrast elegantly with the carefully preserved carved timber door posts opening onto the master bedroom.

Baileys Home

Recycling and repair underpins each original piece designed by Baileys Home. Raw textures and materials are used to create sustainable, functional and aesthetically beautiful pieces to compliment the individual character of each space.

This curated wooden cabinet below compliments the careful restoration and renovation of Lashlake House. Aged timber and minimal glass creates a piece full of quiet yet impressive character, with earthy tones that echo the history of the house.

Designed by Louise Holt


A vibrant copper tub was repurposed to create a bespoke sink bowl to this country home. The warm hues reflect the light to add a splash of colour to the wash stand and contrast beautifully with the deep blue of the solid wooden cabinet below.

Interiors by Laura Clarke

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