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Why Architects & Contractors should collaborate with Landscape Designers

Often tagged on as an afterthought at the end of a large and complex project, landscape design should ideally be incorporated as a key aspect from the very outset of the design process. The key to a truly successful and holistic landscape design is one that forges a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, something that can only be achieved if the two spaces are allowed to evolve in tandem throughout the project.

Melding lifestyle and design

Coordinating both areas in this way creates an effortless unity – both in the design and the function of each environment. At the design level, incorporating thoughtful details that reflect the overall theme and character of the project creates a seamless bridge between the design of the garden and each internal room.

In practice, this involves adding complimentary materials into each space, as well as using architectural and interior design features to draw on key viewpoints for a sense of cohesion both inside and out.

Family home architecture and landscape design

This idea was brought to life in one project that saw all three HollandGreen Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design teams working closely together. The client’s vision centred around a Japanese-inspired theme that fused minimalism with a calm and tranquil feel.

This was beautifully expressed through the final garden design, which drew on elegant sculptures, a water feature and Bonsai tree all set within a verdant green backdrop. Minimal glazed elevations and timber skylights forged a seamless link with the surrounding garden, while curated house plants helped to bring this sense of nature into the internal living spaces.

Ensuring the final design fits in with the client’s habits and lifestyle is equally important as creating a holistic aesthetic. The Architecture and Landscape teams at HollandGreen designed this beautiful and characterful family retreat, with particular emphasis being placed on the ability to entertain and enjoy the outdoor space during the summer months.

With this in mind, the relationship between the internal and external spaces was incorporated through minimal glass doors that complimented the style of the house, while the grounds followed a stunning cottage garden aesthetic that bursts into colour just in time for the summer.

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Ensuring a seamless design process

Following a closely collaborative process from the onset of the project offers benefits for Architects, Contractors, and Garden Designers alike. At HollandGreen, this takes the shape of regular internal design meetings and reviews with the client, conducted together by the Architecture, Interiors and Landscapes teams.

This ensures the design process evolves with the client’s goals and vision at the very heart of the project, while clear assignment of different tasks and roles avoids many of the common complications that can arise down the line.

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Beautiful landscaping tiered gardens with swimming pool and garden room

This combined approach also provides the opportunity to explore the overall project budget early on and to tackle potential problems more efficiently, using the varied experiences and skills that each team brings to the table.

Practical requirements, such as access through to the garden, planning the power supply for lighting or a water feature, can be considered early on to allow for high quality details and overall flexibility in creating a show-stopping garden, without the need to make last-minute changes on site to the carefully designed building finishes.

Garden feature seating design

In our experience: bringing in each key player from the early stages ensures a smoother operation for all parties involved, while avoiding the need for the homeowner to repeat their ideas to each contractor and instead leaving them free to watch and enjoy their vision unfold across all aspects of the build.

What’s Next?

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