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Stone Farm

Honouring the original with 21st Century luxury.

As a multidisciplinary practice, one of our specialisms is the renovation of listed and heritage properties. Our in-house architectural, interior design and landscape design teams share the same design vision and work side-by-side together on the journey to realise a beautifully natural and connected new home. Our objective is to restore the original character of the property by re-introducing the artisan skill sets originally used (joinery, plasterwork, stonework etc) whilst also adding elegant – and vitally non-invasive – contemporary and modern additions.

Lashlake House

A Guide to Renovating Heritage Homes & Listed Properties

At HollandGreen we’ve been fortunate to work on some wonderful historic and listed properties, many of which are in the top 2% of protected properties in the country.

In this Q&A with partner and co-founder Ben Holland, we explore the studio’s holistic approach to these kinds of projects, and what to consider as a homeowner when embarking on a listed or heritage project.

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Lashlake House

Light-filled rooms.

Our design purpose, and our ethos as a company, is to respect the original building whilst creating a natural flow of new spaces through contemporary contrasts that nonetheless sit beautifully together.  This can involve opening up family living rooms, creating more of a connection to the garden and bringing more light into the rooms.

The renovation of Lashlake House
Vibrant autumn colours interior design living room
Eyre House
Luxury rural countryside extension and renovation
Mill House
Cottagecore kitchen interior renovation
Asher House
Lashlake House
Mill House

A commitment to timeless quality.

In our project Mill Hill, we sensitively and respectfully renovated the building to re-introduce the best elements of the original which had been lost over time through somewhat unsuccessful renovations during the 70s, 80s and 90s.  In all our projects, through research of the original layouts we attempt to restore the original forms while looking at potential relocations of rooms, for example bathrooms, to enhance the flow and thoughtfulness of the layout.

Explore the renovation of Mill House
Magical vibrant cottage garden
Asher House & grounds

An English country cottage & garden.

In this project our architectural design brought back the original finishes – details such as fireplaces and staircases – respecting the truth of the original house.  Then through the interior design, the rooms were given a modern, comfortable and luxurious feel through the harmony of textures, materials, colours and joinery. Our landscape designers created a whimsical, English gardens with  outdoor spaces that naturally connect with the house, establishing an easy indoor-outdoors flow.

Asher House renovation
Prime luxury country home extension architecture
Windrush House

Striking contemporary additions.

Where our clients are looking to extend their period properties, it’s here we can add modern architectural design to create stunning contrasts and open up living spaces.  This is integrated with our interior design – the bridge between the context of old and new. Together with collaboration with the landscape design, this leads to strikingly individual properties and a new chapter in the story of the house and gardens that evokes well-being, fulfilment and a richness of living for our clients.

Windrush House design renovation View all heritage projects
Sunny Barn
Beautiful country cottage garden design
Asher House
Rustic living room interior design
Mill House

How we start the design journey.

At the start of every project, it's important to establish what you want to achieve & what this means from a timeline & budget point of view. Most projects require a combination of all our disciplines & some may just need one.

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